Have you ever seen two people beg in the same subway car at the same time?

*Since its release, "Panhandler Party" has been picked up by numerous outlets including: Gawker, Huffington Post, National Review, BoingBoing, MSN, Metro, the NY DailyNews, San Francisco Globe, and Viewing NYC. It also made the front page of Reddit. With over THREE MILLION YouTube views (along with millions of views on other networks), it's still going strong!

Princess Leia is propositioned numerous times as she walks down the streets of New York City.

"10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC" has over THREE MILLION YouTube views and has been featured in numerous media outlets including: Time, ABC's Good Morning America, CNET, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, The Chive, Mashable, The Daily Beast, Gothamist, Laughspin, Brobible, CollegeHumor, Rare, PopSugar, Twenty-Two Words, and Ad Week. It made the front page of Reddit and was at one point the number two trending video on Facebook!

Facebook Look Backs

Walter White takes a look at his own Facebook look back.

Within an hour of releasing this video, we were surprised to learn that another YouTube group had released their own Walter White look back earlier that very same day. Their version got a boatload of initial press while ours was removed from YouTube for three days because the other group mistakenly thought we copied theirs. To their credit, they produced their video quicker and did a fine job. Respectfully though, we think ours is better.

Jesus gets his own Facebook look back.

Well, since our Walter White Facebook Look Back was mistakenly removed from YouTube and then resurrected three days later, we figured what better way to honor the occasion than with a Jesus Facebook Look Back? Enjoy!

We even got a share on Rare.

Other Fun Videos...

The Great Kim Jong-un and The Korean People's Glorious Film Collective are proud to release another 100% original and historically accurate production - The Interview.

Thank you to Joel Stice at College Humor for sharing.

A long time ago (the 80s) in a galaxy far far away (our office) there was a lost collection of super hits! THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY COLLECTION - may the force of cheesy record commercials be with you, all for three easy payments of $9.95!!

Thank you to Bonnie Burton at CNET for sharing.

Don't say it too soon.

Happy Valentine's Day from Cringe Factory.

In 2013, a group of friends decided to dress up as the A-Team for a Halloween party. This is their story.

What if a certain 80's wrestler lived in our modern PC world?