Average idiot Seth Straightmon needs to get out of his dysfunctional marriage to his obnoxious wife... and he just thought of a GREAT way to do it!

Seth's disaster of an apartment leaves Neil regretting his offer to help "gay it up" in time for his father-in-law's visit. Thankfully, Neil has a bit of gay magic up his sleeve.

With Seth scrambling to fulfill his father-in-law's ultimatum, Michele hatches a plan that may doom Seth permanently.

Believing he might actually be gay, Seth has an identity crisis that could put the wedding and the entire plan in jeopardy. It's up to Neil to set him straight.

Seth's master plan to get out of his marriage quickly hits a speed bump when his father-in-law makes him an offer he can't refuse.

Seth's "gayed up" apartment looks like it might fool his mob father-in-law but before he can safely get divorced, Seth must pass an extra sexy test!.

Neil has a change of heart and offers to help Seth but it may be too late. Meanwhile, Michele's plan may have hit a piñata.

In the Season One grand finale double episode, Seth and Tyler tie the knot, much to the dismay of...pretty much everyone. But is there still hope for a surprise ending? Only one way to find out! Be sure to stay through the closing credits for a special treat (or not).

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